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Here you can find summarized what our company does and, what our customers need to prepare while requesting our streaming service.


Request→Meeting→Rehearsal→Stream→Send final product



If the venue and the material contents have been decided please click the link below.

Please select one of our plans.

If you do not have decided yet the venue and/or the materials, please contact us via chat or through our inquiry form page.


If the content of the streaming has been decided already, we will prepare it, ask about any important detail we need to know concerning the contents of the streaming, and propose which plan and what platform is the best.



All our plans include a simple rehearsal on the same day of the streaming. 

We will arrange the setting following the instructions made in the meeting, such as light, camera, watermark, etc.


Compared to any event offline, an online event anyone from everywhere can attend, so you do not have to worry about the physical distance.

In Tokyo, an event for at least 1000 people can cost at least 1 million yen, since you need a lot of human labor, rent furniture, equipment, etc.  

In some cases the total costs can even reach more than 3 million yen, depending on all the human resources you want and need to add up. But if you decide to do YouTube live, that will be attended for 1000 people the ​rate goes down around 500,000 yen and, you can use that streaming again in the future for any promotion, future products,  etc., or even resell it.



In the case of choosing Zoom as the streaming platform, the ​final product will be delivered, while YouTube live and Facebook live both are archived and saved automatically on their web page, easy to access faster and remotely.

Of course, If you will like high quality we will share with you the final product in Full HD.


・Material used for the streaming event.

・Venue or localization map and measurement.

(in the case is needed we have associated studios that can be used)

・Internet line(in case is needed, it can be arranged for our

company for 30,000 yen to 50,000yen)

・Arrange an MC(Moderator、facilitator)

​・Power point displayed during the streaming, supervised by the customer or MC.

・Platform account used for streaming 




・A full document with the contents, and the most important points about the contents with a detailed explanation.

・If you want the material to look better on the screen we recommend use simple or primary colors(in case of graphics transparency is the best option)

​→We recommend using different PIP and transparency to make it dynamic and entreating for your viewers.

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 20.27.26.png

If you keep in mind to create the materials while thinking about where the PIP will be placed,

the design and final product will look better.

Black Modern Technology Keynote Presenta

You can use the transparency effect of the material to show the facial expressions of the presenter and/or speaker, while displaying the materials, to make it look more dynamic.

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