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Up to 2 speakers can be present during the live stream, with the possibility to be display any documents & slide materials on the screen  offered by the hiring company.

The company will offer their office/venue for the stream location.



 Up to 3 speakers can be present during the live stream, and also have the ability to display names and product explanations, reference videos, Suited for product information sessions, general meetings of shareholders, etc. offered by the company.


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5 speakers or more can be present during the live stream. Each theme, topic, or presenter can have subtitles. Multiple performers can be combined on one screen, and all full-scale program products can be displayed using a chroma key composition.


We have all the necessities for your streaming

The plan includes anything necessary for lectures, e-commerce distributions, and live distribution without a physical audience.

¥ 300,000


¥ 200,000





¥ 450,000


Available services ​
Up to 5 cameras

4 microphone+BGM

Available services
Up to 2 cameras

2 microphones+BGM

Watermark available 



PC screen capture
(screen only)

Available services
Up to 3 cameras

4 microphones+BGM

Watermark, Lower 3rd 


Tele and camara operator

PC screen capture (audio capture)

Watermark, Lower 3rd

Director, teleoperator and

camara operator

​PC screen capture(Audio and video support)

PinP (Fixed in the screen decided for us)


Same day rehearsal

PinP (One can be fixed)

XC10 and C100 Mark II

Rehearsal day before ※1

PinP (Any position in screen available)

XC10, C100 Mark II, C200

Rehearsal day before ※1

Up to 5h including setup delivery

Up to 8h including setup delivery

Up to 10h including setup delivery

※1 Rehearsal is up to 1h, and the equipment will be installed until the day of the streaming.

Same price for all platforms 

Zoom - Blue.png

We can not assure the best image quality, but it's ideal for meetings and webinars. Is an easy way for both the viewers and the webinar to interact, and the meeting can be paralleled streamed on other sites such as Youtube Live at the same time.
​Able to participate.


You can stream through the Twitter timeline, and even through Facebook Live, and the streaming linked can be easily RT, so it is effortless to spread.


Youtube Live
Is an easy service that anyone can participate in by simply sharing the URL.
Ideal for open events.
The image quality is good and it saves automatically, so it can be used in the future on other platforms or services.

We recommend this platform for paid events, easy to share later the link in external sites.
Our production team can create an original and unique link for streaming and next distribution.


Facebook Live
If you have a Facebook account at a company etc., you can stream to your followers.
Ideal for online events with a proper community.

Google Meet
Easy to join with a Google account. Really secure and private streaming service, and can be controlled with the same browser at the same time.

Other items included in all the plans

Director on site
During the streaming, a director with long experience in the field will always be in contact with you to meet all your needs in case of some troubles or sudden changes appear.

Equipment fee
All the equipment needed for a high-quality streaming service, including cameras with 4K sensors and microphones, are included in the flat-rate pack.

Background music
Our team will provide the perfect background music that suits best the content for the day of the streaming.


Watermark(Such as logos to be able to be displayed on the screen)

example of watermark.png

The lower 3rd (a designed graphic that specifies the performer's name and title)

What customers need to provide

Venue as well as a detailed sketch of the venue (written square meters and width and depth)
Fixed internet line (If it is difficult to prepare we can arrange it
Streaming content etc.
Material for watermarks, lower 3rd, video, etc. (PNG material with transparent background)
Streaming destination account (Youtube account, etc.)

I am interested too in...

Options to make the streaming more comfortable


Face-to-face meetings and help with the location scouting (transportation fee not included)
Watermark design
Lower 3rd design
Cover streaming design

* It will be necessary to provide the pictures or any necessary data in PNG to make any design.


An additional monitor for the MC (MC can check the status of the streaming at the same time)
Fixed point recording (recorded with a camcorder different from the principle streaming screen)


Delivery content FHD recording
Add assistant
Rehearsal and re-establishment
Add another camara

​※Price includes tax


・ In case the stream can be seen offline, and has a capacity of more than100 people, the layout may differ, so a separate charge may be required.
・ In order to offer the best price-quality service, we decided to hold pre-meetings only by chat and video chat, not face-to-face. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 
・ In case is necessary to extend the time of the live streaming or\and the day of the shooting, we will charge separately.
・ Please understand you cannot specify the equipment that is going to be used. We will select the equipment that suits you best.
・ Streaming image quality will be SD or HD only.
・ If you wish to rehearse on another day, and not on the same day of the streaming → Half of the plan fee will be charged separately.

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