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DIY production of live streaming

Be able to do it yourself

We want you to be able to stream as much as possible and we know how tough it is to have to contract an external agent every single time.
We want to promote your products and service efficiently.
Streaming has endless possibilities to be used for sales promotion, PR, and is also an amazing communication tool.

If this is your case and you want to learn, please contact us.

Make the most of live streaming

One of the best benefits of live streaming is the interaction in real-time with your viewers. So let’s create a sense of connection with the viewer using our last technology that allows them to share this precious time even remotely.



Prepare the best equipment, study, and research anything necessary for the streaming and define all needed for each live are the most important parts.

We will support the customer by thinking together about whether is indispensable for each live streaming.

Support content

Equipment selection (New or used)
Personalized manual
Introductory training (up to 8 hours a day)
Delivery support (when the contract is for 3 months or more)

Term of use

If you would like us to purchase any specific equipment, we can provide a list of the best options.
Once is decided, we will need an advance payment. After the confirming payment, we will purchase it for you.
In the case of any shipping charge, the shipping address will be the address specified by the requester (a temporary storage fee will be charged separately). 

Plans and price

Selected equipment (prepared list)

One streaming class for employees

Chat consultations 

Equipment setup


Selected equipment(Sales agency)

One streaming class a month for employees

Chat consultation

Equipment setup

Original Manual
Twice a month streaming support 



Selected equipment(Sales agency)

One streaming class for employees

Chat consultation

Equipment setup 

Original Manual

Once streaming support a month


¥ 200,000 one time

1 month intensive plan

¥ 250,000 a month

¥ 200,000 a month

3 monthly support 

6 months contract  


Background to support for in-house production of live streaming

It is easy to see, that studio session that used to cost 3 million yen, nowadays costs around 500 thousand to 1 million Yen thanks to the increase in the live streaming demand. At the same time, the increase in demand for live streaming experts has also shows an increase as well...  but is hard to understand the difference or why that is possible. How to use it or what to choose?

To answer your doubts, we designated our plans to help our customers and provide them the best service at the best price,


with the guarantee and compromise to use the best high-quality equipment for the best professionals to make possible the best content.


・ Expenses such as transportation fees for purchasing and installing equipment will be charged separately.

・ After providing the equipment list with the product link, we will send it and is the customer responsible for the purchase.

・ We do not reimburse equipment costs.

Affordable advisor service

We want to keep the monthly cost as low as possible because we do not stream frequency.
But if we have any questions, we would like to ask and have an answer immediately, we will like a special chat support system, and one video conference about the streaming.
We can help you with a

For large-scale streaming events and/or slightly complicated streaming, streaming engineers can be sent. (On-site support 50,000 yen / time (*1))
* 1 Please note that you will be charged separately in case of fee transportation, rent equipment, etc.

 Monthly fee ¥100,000


Example how we help our customers

Video production company
Lately, we saw an increase in consultation and meetings to create and help with streaming services with known customers that we used to work on days before, but did not have any experience about streaming and wanted advice on how to process with it.  
So far we have supported and helped more than 20 streaming events.

Food tech company
The main events were offline, but they couldn't be held due to the influence of the new coronavirus, with our supports we are making them available online and creating a new business.
With your management team and our help, we can start arranging the events online and offer a new service to your customers.

Event planning company
Large experience in an offline service event that had to be changed to an online event, unfortunately not enough experience in the streaming industry resulted in a too high-priced budget.
With our management and consultation, the budget was reduced significantly and we make the event more efficient and easy for our customers.


Construction company
Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, meetings, etc. are now almost all held online, and even office workers also shift to remote work from home.
With our help, it is possible to simplify and make the meeting easily available to anyone that is unfamiliar or is hesitating to do an important meeting online. We supported and teach other companies how to make it easier and available for everyone!

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