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Directors and staff



Hayato Jin

Born in 1993, work as a freelance photographer since 2014, and currently supports and supervises mainly for venture companies.
Worked as a streaming operator at the National Diet in Japan and started the live streaming business in 2017.


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Takumi Yano

Freelance cameraman since 2016. He is in charge of various photography fields such as advertising, portraits, and media.
He also works as a planner for advertising agencies to help customers with any needs and solutions.



Atsushi Soujima

Worked for a marketing agency since 2006. Experience in the marketing industry, serving big electronic manufacturers. Active as a freelancer since 2019. With his industry experience, he is a professional at suggesting and managing effective promotions.

Director/Streaming engineer 

Shouta Kobayashi (KOBASHO)

Active as a freelancer since 2019.
His experience in the field is management and image creation in the beauty and medical industry.


Yaiza Cladellas

Born in Barcelona. Work as a freelance photographer and graphic designer since 2009. She worked in a models agency, design, and branding company as an assistant, and can speak Spanish, English, and Japanese. 

How can you save money streaming?

As a startup we are involved in promotions of major companies, with that in mind we try to advance ourselves in the live streaming industry by gaining new Information on the way.

We don't focus solely on streaming services, we like to keep up to date with the latest industry tech and services, so that we can customize the promotion for your products and services to as many people as possible. 

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